Our comprehensive assessment helps individualize your care.

Safety Plan

We develop a custom safety plan for your home.

Specialized Care

We have specially-trained caregivers for these family members.

Regular Follow Ups

Establishing a routine schedule for in-home care.

FamilyCARES Portal

Monitor visits and notes through our online portal.

Home Care Program Assessment

Our staff will visit with you and your loved one at your convenience, in your home or other location designated by you for a free in-home assessment. In some instances, we may even be able to assess your situation and needs over the phone. During the assessment process we will discuss special needs, routines, specific requirements and the frequency of care needed and then we will develop a personalized care plan based on the individual needs of you and your family member. For example, this may include home care services like bath visits, meal preparation, light housekeeping, mobility assessment, transportation and incontinence care. Every care plan is designed specifically for you and your loved one. Get started now. 

Safety Plan

Keeping you or your loved one safe is one of the top priorities. That’s why we incorporate a safety plan as part of every in-home assessment and consultation we complete. Our caregivers have extensive insight and experience to identify elements and obstacles in the home that can be a risk. We will identify these safety issues and fall risks and outline solutions that will reduce or eliminate any safety issues.

Specialized Care

Our trained and qualified caregivers specialize in offering in-home care for family members with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Our training can identify potential challenges to keep your loved one safe, calm and happy.  This is one of our highest-demand services and our caregivers receive continuous training for working with Alzheimer’s and Dementia family members.

Regular Follow Ups

The key to maximizing you or your loved one’s independence and ability to remain safe at home is consistency and oversight.

Already HomeCare utilizes Home Care Pulse to help us in our ongoing efforts of quality improvement. As a non-biased source, Home Care Pulse gives us in-depth feedback taken directly from our clients and employees. Home Care Pulse uses proven research methods that are 100 percent HIPAA compliant,  and provides consistent reports every month, so we know where to focus our efforts and improvements.

Family Portal

Many of our clients’ family members reside in a different city or state. For that reason, we provide every client and their family with access to our FamilyCARES Portal. Our FamilyCARES Portal gives you real-time visibility and personal involvement in the care your family member is receiving, whether you are 6 miles away or 6,000 miles away.

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