Already HomeCare Announces Our Care Program

a post about Care Program | October 9, 2013

HomeCare Choosing a caregiver can be a stressful time in someone’s life. At Already HomeCare, we provide highly personalized in-home care built on trust, dependability, dignity and respect.

Our in-home Care Program ensures your loved one is getting the quality care they deserve.

In-Home Assessments and Safety Plans

One of our skilled healthcare professionals will conduct an in-home assessment to identify your loved one’s needs. During this visit we talk with you and your loved one about special needs, routines, specific requirements and frequency of care needed.

Having a safety plan is a vital part of keeping your loved one secure at home.  We have expert insight and experience to identify elements and obstacles in the home that can be a risk to your loved one. We will make sure your loved one’s home is as safe as possible for our mutual goal of allowing them to live safely and independently.

Specialized Care and Regular Follow-Ups

After constructing a safety plan, we develop a specialized care plan based on the individual needs of your family member. This includes:

  • Bath visits
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Mobility assessment
  • Transportation
  • Incontinence care

CaregivingThis is the part of our program that blends in the personalization and unique aspects to create an on-going plan of specialized care.

Once the needs of your family member have been identified, we will pair them with a caregiver that suits their personality and needs – with your preferences in mind. We will send you follow-ups so you can keep up with the care and progress your loved one is receiving.

One of the best keys for a successful, long-term in-home Care Program is consistency.  With Already HomeCare, your loved one can count on routine visits to assist them with the level of in-home care needed to maintain their independent living arrangement.

FamilyCARES Portal

Already HomeCareSo many of our clients’ family members reside in a different city or state outside of Charleston.  For that reason, we provide every client and their family with one of our Family CARES Portals.  Your FamilyCARES Portal gives you 24-hour access to view the care your loved one is receiving. You will even see a picture of the caregiver that is providing the care. It doesn’t matter if you are 600 miles away or 6, you will have all the information you need regarding your loved one’s in-home care service.

There is a right way, a wrong way, and the Already HomeCare way.  You’ll be amazed at the level of service, security and compassion that we provide our clients and families.  Call us today in Charleston schedule at 843-631-4214 to schedule an in-home assessment.

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