A Robot Cat Can Bring the Benefits of a Pet to Seniors Without the Care Needs

a post about Elderly Care | March 31, 2015

Research has long held that pets are excellent companions for the elderly and help provide purpose for their lives. However, properly caring for a pet is impossible for some individuals. To help elderly individuals, specifically those suffering from dementia, a team of researchers in Sweden has recently developed JustoCat.

benefits of a pet to seniorsThis robotic cat is designed to look and feel like an actual cat and can provide dementia patients the opportunity to connect with memories of the past. Many of the individuals involved in the product’s testing had positive memories of spending time with cats and the JustoCat can be used to activate a ‘reminiscence method’. During testing the results showed that the robotic therapy cat calmed dementia patients, boosted quality of life, and contributed to improving comfort for seniors.

JustoCat functions like a live cat and is approximately the same size and weight as an average cat. It purrs, meows, and breaths while interacting with the dementia patient. The cat’s cover can be easily removed and is designed to be machine washable. This allows the cat to be meet specific hygiene requirements for assisted living facilities.

The JustoCat has been released on the European market with plans to expand. The patients that have benefited from a JustoCat are living healthier and happier lives thanks to the robotic therapy cat. JustoCats already in use have proven their ability to soothe the individual, boost communication and interaction, and create a companionship bond. Suffering from dementia can be a lonely diagnosis and a JustoCat can help reach a patient that is losing connections with loved ones.

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