Fun and Mentally Stimulating Activities to Enjoy at Home in Retirement

a post about Elderly Care | March 30, 2015

At Already HomeCare we understand the importance of stimulating activities for seniors. Participating in cognitive activities keeps seniors’ minds sharp and can help delay the onset of dementia. Finding meaningful activities to engage in shouldn’t be difficult. The best way to stimulate and exercise the brain is to use enjoyable pastimes that require seniors to think, evaluate, and comprehend.

Activities to Enjoy at Home in RetirementSome of our favorite ways to engage seniors in cognitive activities include:

  • Games and puzzles. The best part about many games and puzzles is that they are completed with others. Card games, Scrabble, chess, checkers, and dominos are stimulating and promote positive interaction with other players. Additionally, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, word searches, and sudoku games will all challenge a senior to think critically whether they are completed alone or with someone else.
  • Conversation. There’s nothing more stimulating that an engaging conversation. Living at home as a senior can feel isolating at times and it is vital to engage in meaningful conversation. When you are interacting with seniors it is important to ask them their advice and opinions on events and daily situations. This stimulates a sense of worth and engages seniors in the world around them.
  • Hobbies and crafts. Hobbies and crafts are an excellent option for stimulating the brain and providing enjoyable interactions with others. It’s important for seniors to choose an activity that they enjoy because it will help create a sense of positive self esteem and pride in their work. Activities such as playing music, drawing, painting, woodworking, and photography all help to boost a senior’s cognitive function while working on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Living at home as a senior is incredibly important to our clients at Already HomeCare. We are committed to ensuring they can stay in their homes with the appropriate level of personalized care.

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