There are distinct differences between Already HomeCare and other companies or individuals that offer non-medical in-home care services in Charleston, SC. Our company mission is to provide the best in-home care services and caregivers for South Carolina residents in Charleston. To maintain our mission and goals, we have developed and implemented many different programs that keep us the premier choice for professional in-home care!

We use the feedback we collect during the quality improvement process to improve our services, policies, training, staff recruitment and on-going strategic planning. We always remember our company mission and goal to be the best non-medical home care provider with the most professional caregivers to serve our clients across Greater Charleston, SC.

  • Properly Trained Staff

    We screen and train all staff members to ensure your caregiver knows how to properly care for your loved one and that you can trust them at the highest level.

  • Insured

    Each of our caregivers are fully insured through our insurance provider at Already HomeCare. We eliminate your liability and exposure.

  • Workers' Compensation Coverage

    We provide comprehensive workers' compensation insurance, which means you will not have liability if a caregiver is injured on your loved one's property.

  • Employment Taxes & Filings

    As a full-service in-home care resource, we handle all employment related issues including I-9's, payroll taxes, form filings and government interactions.

Our goal is to give you and your loved one access to the highest quality, best non-medical home care that can be offered in Charleston, SC. We believe in order to provide this level of care, that we have to assume all responsibility for delivering, managing and coordinating our caregivers and care program. We make hiring a professional caregiver easy and convenient, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve hired the best service in Charleston that you can trust. Independent caregivers cannot offer the level of access, consistency and service that we can provide you and your loved one.



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