Choosing a Home Care Provider in Charleston or Columbia

  • Caregiver Quality Assurance Program (CQA)

    Already HomeCare is the only home care company in Charleston and Columbia, SC using the Caregiver Quality Assurance program developed by Leading Home Care! The Caregiver Quality Assurance program was designed to assist in-home care companies to go above and beyond the basic requirements when selecting quality caregivers. By using the Caregiver Quality Assurance System, Already HomeCare is leveraging the latest technology to provide peace of mind that the person caring for your loved one is honest, dependable, and understands the importance of their role as a professional caregiver.

  • Minimum Standards are Not Enough

    Today many in-home care agencies and individuals that provide caregivers do so with the bare minimum standards of screening and selection. Many agencies perform criminal background checks, certification checks and reference checks. Some companies also require drug use screenings and/or an elder/child abuse check. Unfortunately, these minimum standards may only screen out applicants who were “caught in the act” of wrongdoing. The companies listed on the CQA Website Care Locator have raised their standards by requiring all applicants to complete their assessment screening process.

  • Caregiver Quality Assurance

    The Caregiver Quality Assurance program allows Already HomeCare to look closer at the personality and behaviors of the caregivers we select. Already HomeCare is using the most advanced screening tool available today in pre-employment assessment of caregivers, Leading Home Care’s Caregiver Selection System. This unique technology helps identify individuals with the potential to put your loved one at risk. The caregiver pre-employment assessment tool examines attitude, behaviors and personality characteristics to screen applicants before an incident can occur.

    • Dependability — Measures the risk that an individual will be undependable, careless, or disorganized.
    • Honesty — Measures the risk for dishonest behavior.
    • Hostility — Measures the risk of a person being aggressive, hostile, or having poor control of their anger.
    • Substance Abuse — Measures the risk of substantial use of alcohol or illegal drugs.
    • Sexual Harassment — Measures behaviors regarding sexuality that are likely to be considered harassment.
    • Computer Misuse — Measures the risk of using computers and the Internet in ways unrelated to job tasks.
    • Cognitive Reasoning — Evaluates problem-solving abilities and learning speed.

    Today, even Certified Nurses Aides and Certified Home Health Aides may only be evaluated on a minimum of clinical skills. We know, however, that most problems in people’s homes are because of inappropriate attitude and behavior among caregivers. Until now there was no way to evaluate attitude and behavior before problems arose. Additionally, the Caregiver Personality and Behavior Assessment measures six core traits to help determine if an applicant’s personality will fit a specific job. This also allows a home care company to successfully match caregivers with the appropriate client. If you are considering other home care options, as opposed to the services we provide at Already HomeCare, ask these agencies what type of tools they use to evaluate attitudes, personality and behavioral traits of their applicants. If they rely on “good instincts,” they aren’t using the technology you need and should expect.

  • Already HomeCare Fast Response Guarantee

    At Already HomeCare, we understand that unexpected emergencies or commitments can cause stress. We want to be a trusted resource for you and your loved ones and that’s why we offer the Already HomeCare Fast Response Guarantee! If you are a new client of Already HomeCare and have an urgent need for services, we pledge to have a highly qualified caregiver in your home within four hours, or the first four hours of care is on us! Contact us via phone for additional details. The Already HomeCare Fast Response Guarantee is available for new, first-time clients only and some restrictions apply. Call an Already HomeCare representative for additional details.

  • FamilyCARES Portal

    Many of our clients’ family members reside in a different city or state. For that reason, we provide every client and their family with access to our FamilyCARES Portal. Our FamilyCARES portal gives you visibility and personal involvement in the care your family member is receiving, whether you are 6 miles away or 6,000 miles away. We are continually seeking new and innovative tools and approaches to providing care. The FamilyCARES portal is just one more reason why families trust Already HomeCare. “

  • No Hourly Minimum

    Most home care companies require a minimum of three hours or more of services. There is no long-term commitment and no minimum time requirements for any of the services we provide. Our home care services range from one hour to 24-hour, 7 day a week live-in care. We work with you to ensure you are matched with a caregiver that is perfect for you. Please let us know if you have a religious, cultural or any other kind of preference. To learn more about our home care services or to schedule a free in-home assessment, please call us in Charleston at 843-371-1419, in Columbia, SC at 803-334-3477 or complete our contact form. We look forward to serving you.

  • All Caregivers & Staff are Our Employees

    This is important for several reasons. When someone uses the services of another in their home, that person assumes responsibility for payroll taxes, insurance, scheduling and conducting background checks. All of our staff and caregivers are W2 employees, not contractors. That important distinction means we are responsible for everything outlined above. Plus, we believe employees are more engaged and available for trainings, scheduling and ongoing development than an independent contractor who by I.R.S. regulations is responsible for their own actions and schedules.

  • 24-Hour Availability

    We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can rest assured that we are here if you need us!

  • Caregiver Check-in Via GPS Technology

    Every time one of our caregivers arrives or leaves you or your loved one’s home, they automatically check-in and check-out using GPS satellite technology. This system verifies their time devoted to your special needs.

  • Training Program

    We challenge you to find another in-home care provider who provides more training to our staff than we do.

  • Quality Improvement / Home Care Pulse

    Quality improvement should not be a one time initiative or project.  In fact, our ongoing quality improvement activities are part of our effort of continually improving the services we offer. As part of our quality improvement process our trained nurses will visit your families home at least once every 90 days at no charge as part of our package of services. However, our effort of keeping in touch and following up doesn’t just stop with quarterly home visits. Already HomeCare uses the Home Care Pulse system to continually gauge the satisfaction of our clients and employees. Home Care Pulse offers the only third-party client and employee satisfaction research that is designed specifically for home care agencies. As a non-biased source, Home Care Pulse gives us in-depth feedback taken directly from our clients and employees. Home Care Pulse uses proven research methods that are 100% HIPAA compliant, and provides consistent reports every month, so we know where to focus our efforts and improvements.

  • A Few of Our Quality Improvement Activities
    • Home Visits
    • Client Satisfaction Surveys
    • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
    • Reviews of Documentation
    • Review of Complaints
    • Training
    • Home Care Pulse

There are distinct differences between Already HomeCare and other companies or individuals that offer in-home care services in Charleston and Columbia, SC. Our company mission is to provide the best in-home care services and caregivers for South Carolina residents in both Charleston and Columbia. To maintain our mission and goals, we have developed and implemented many different programs that keep us the premier choice for professional in-home care!

We use the feedback we collect during the quality improvement process to improve our services, policies, training, staff recruitment and on-going strategic planning. We always remember our company mission and goal to be the best in-home care provider with the most professional caregivers to serve our clients across Greater Charleston and Columbia, SC.

  • Properly Trained Staff

    We screen and train all staff members to ensure your caregiver knows how to properly care for your loved one and that you can trust them at the highest level.

  • Insured

    Each of our caregivers are fully insured through our insurance provider at Already HomeCare. We eliminate your liability and exposure.

  • Workers' Compensation Coverage

    We provide comprehensive workers' compensation insurance, which means you will not have liability if a caregiver is injured on your loved one's property.

  • Employment Taxes & Filings

    As a full-service in-home care resource, we handle all employment related issues including I-9's, payroll taxes, form filings and government interactions.

Our goal is to give you and your loved one access to the highest quality, best in-home care that can be offered in Charleston, SC. We believe in order to provide this level of care, that we have to assume all responsibility for delivering, managing and coordinating our caregivers and care program. We make hiring a professional caregiver easy and convenient, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve hired the best service in Charleston that you can trust. Part-time and independent caregivers cannot offer the level of access, consistency and level of service that we can provide you and your loved one.


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