Home Caregiver Qualifications Process

Candidate Selection - We are Very Picky on Your Behalf

One of the most frustrating aspects that a family faces with other in-home care providers is a high turnover rate.   Just when your loved one is settling in to a routine and a specific caregiver, the turnover occurs.  We mitigate turnover through our comprehensive interview process, background screening and comprehensive training.  Turnover at a professional level still does happen, but not for the “usual reasons” that untrained and unskilled caregivers will give.

We believe that we need to be highly selective of the caregivers that we employ. We seek out caregivers that are empathetic and understand the needs of your family. We carefully screen  caregivers to find the right match for you and your loved one.  Yes, we are unusually picky and we have higher-than-usual standards.

Behavioral Assessment - Are They a Match for You?

When we finally select a qualified caregiver candidate, we institute a professional series of psychological profile, behavioral and personality tests.  These profile tests are expensive, but we have a lot on the line when we place a caregiver into your loved one’s home.  These assessments are a fantastic benefit for you because only the “best of the bunch” will eventually become an Already HomeCare caregiver.

We analyze the assessment results with an above-the-market level of standard, our own professional benchmark.  These assessments show us behavioral and personality traits like how empathetic a candidate is, what is their propensity for dishonesty, what is their scale of reliability, and  how will the candidate react to specific incidents.

Interview Process - Discovering Fact from Fiction

The third component of our caregiver qualifying process consists of a team interview process, which is conducted by our Area Director and HR director in both Charleston and Columbia, SC offices. During this process, we uncover the real “story” of each candidate.  We like to say that there is “nowhere for anybody to hide anything” during this phase of the process!

We also verify three employment references, the candidate’s educational background, federal and local backgrounds and driving records. Candidates are required to take a TB (tuberculosis) test and a 10-panel drug screening test before hiring and periodically throughout their employment.

We are firm believers that to provide quality care, we have to be selective of who we recruit and hire.  Our candidate selection and hiring process is an expensive one, but we firmly believe our efforts will result in higher levels of satisfaction for you and your loved ones.

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